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WordPress, PHP, mySQL, AMP HTML, CSS, C++, C#, Unity 3D, Java, Graphics, 3D Modeling, Web Design & Development, Game Design and Development,  Web Team Lead Experience, Sales Experience, Freelance Business Experience, Digital Marketing. Audio & Music Production/Performance. Bachelor’s Degree from University of Colorado College of Engineering & Applied Science. VR Design. Git + GitHub. JS. Schema Markup. Personal Development, Leadership Experience. eCommerce Web Development. Pro Udemy Instructor.

Andrew Day | Fun Facts


I teach web design and development to students from 27 countries with an average instructor rating of 4.6/5.


I played guitar in a band, recorded, and toured around the country. I also DJ’ed for extra money in college.

Competitive Fighter

At CU Boulder, I was the fundraising officer for the Taekwondo team and raised enough money to send me and my team to nationals.

Fraternity PresideNt

I led an organization of 40 men to obtain a charter for an official fraternity chapter at UCCS. Not an easy task!


I read a lot of nonfiction books to learn. I’m finishing up Elon Musk’s biography at the moment. I use Audible and Kindle Unlimited.


I hold a rare Bachelor of Innovation Degree. Some of my creations include WordPress plugins like Shortcakes, and web frameworks like AMPdrew.


Latest From The Blog

Ego WAll

I’ve been following your metacognition videos, and I must say they are extremely insightful and useful.

Caleb B.


Your template is a work of art. I can’t wait for your updated responsive web design course!

John D.

Student, Udemy.com

Very well spoken words Andrew Day, keep up the good work, and keep us ALL updated on that book. *Fist, Hand, Bow*

Sebastian G.

YouTube Viewer

“Great training on this subject and the only time that the claim of no money
was true that I have found online. Impressed that this was not a sales pitch to some other cost to build eCommerce webpages. This will be great for my first start up page to get my feet wet and have no Payment, shipping and
delivery to deal with.” Chad

Udemy Student

Andrew is beyond driven.

Gil D.

CEO, UZU Media

Very professional at speaking and positioning himself.

Vladislav S.

YouTube Viewer

One of my all time favorite mentors!

Alex A.

Mentoring Student

You have inspired me to learn how to code.

Chelsey Y.

YouTube Viewer

Checked it out! Working perfectly! Thank you so much man. You saved me a headache.

Matt T.

Marketing Consultant

You are the most inspirational person I know on Facebook.

Kat M.

Facebook Follower

Andrew shares some awesome deals and insight on web hosting and more. 5 stars.

Justin C.

Udemy Student

Super trustworthy and very kind. Would definitely recommend!

Sam S.


Udemy Instructor

Highly rated web design and development teacher on Udemy – currently the leading online education platform.

BNI Web Designer

Official Web Designer for the Pike’s Peak Professionals group of entrepreneurs and business owners.

National Computer Science Academy

Holds six NCSA Certifications in various computer programming lanugages and a Computer Hardware Technician Certification.