Hello! My Name is Andrew Day. Honesty is my primary core value – I believe that naturally wonderful things come from being absolutely transparent, honest, and true to yourself.

I just graduated from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Innovation ™ Degree in Game Design and Development. I did my cross-discipline core in Business administration.

I am very thorough and hardworking – even down to doing the dishes and cleaning my desk at the office. I love to document what I do. At UZU I created very thorough procedure documents including launch checklists, QA Reports, and proposals for new ways of doing things. I was also notorious for doing this when I was the president of Colorado Phi – A Chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at UCCS. I had folders within folders of documents for event planning, new protocols, and of course documentation for the national organization. My favorite, the “Chartering Document” was almost 200 pages of documentation. I kept it all very organized on Google Drive.

I believe in timely and thorough communication. I believe over-communication is much better than under-communication. I gained a reputation for asking a lot of questions. This helps me learn quicker. I was taught EQ (Effective Questioning) from one of the top businessmen at Microsoft.

I believe in continual self-improvement and learning. In addition to my university education, I learn a lot from YouTube, Lynda, Treehouse, Books, Udemy, Udacity, peers, and mentors, websites, and other sources. I have so many non-fiction books in my apartment I am running out of room for them, I’ve recently acquired a Kindle Fire in an attempt to go digital with my reading.

I believe in teaching and giving back if you have a special gift or skill. I teach two web development courses on Udemy.com, and I have students from all over the world. I also taught guitar lessons briefly.

Regarding teamwork, I believe it is best to adjust and adapt your procedure to mesh as well as possible with the team. Aside from meeting minimal requirements, to communicate, understand, and empathize is to be an effective team member. A team that understands each other and works smoothly with one another produces the best results. I am very fortunate that my Bachelor of Innovation program emphasized teamwork and had me work in teams almost every semester.

Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have questions!