I build websites for clients every single day. I have used a TON of different web hosting companies. Some had fast servers, some had slow servers. Some have great support, some have terrible support and go as far as to break your websites (I’m looking at you WP Engine). I stumbled across across One.com recently, and I was blown away at how nice their online interface was. It is very fast, clean, modern, and intuitive. Even their code editor is pretty fantastic for an online editor. Their servers run Varnish Cache – so web pages are served up REALLY FAST which is what I’m all about.

I was able to partner with them to give you an INSANE deal. This is the very best deal I have ever seen on web packages. This will give you the most bang for your buck – literally.

Domain Name 1 Year Registration (Value $13.80 – $20.00)

You can choose from the following top-level domains, and register any available domain name:

  1. .com
  2. .one
  3. .net
  4. .org
  5. .me
  6. .biz
  7. .agency
  8. .asia
  9. .at
  10. .be
  11. .blue
  12. .bz
  13. .ca
  14. .cc
  15. .center
  16. .ch
  17. .club
  18. .co.cuk
  19. etc. etc. all the way down the alphabet to .xyz

I would recommend registering a .com, .org, or .net unless you want to be extra creative or have limited options. Register a name that makes sense, isn’t too long, and is easy to pronounce and spell – for example: AndrewDayOnline.com.

Unlimited Subdomains

This means you can make multiple sub-websites under your main domain. For example, if you register www.MyBusiness.com, you could have:

  • shop.mybusiness.com
  • blog.mybusiness.com
  • members.mybusiness.com

This is great for installing separate web technologies for the same website – for example if you want to code your website in AMP HTML and have your online store running WooCommerce, you could install it on a subdomain like shop.MyBusiness.com

This is also great for staging sites for clients. You could have

  • ClientName.MyBusiness.com

and now you have a nice professional link to give to your clients to show them the progress on their website build.

Year of Web Hosting ($60 Value)

A lot of web hosts will advertise low rates – like $2.75/month for hosting, but what they don’t tell you is that you have to pay for three years of that in advance if you want to get that rate – and if it’s that cheap, it’s probably crappy hosting.

You might think this is crappy hosting, but click around my website, click around ampdrew.com. It’s speedy – they have Varnish Cache on their servers and pages serve up fast. For as low as the price is, the speed of these servers is a pleasant surprise. You get 25 Gigs of storage which is more than Google Drive gives you, and PLENTY of room for your website. A website should ideally only take 0.1 or 0.2 Gigs. My website only takes 0.2 Gigs.

Unlimited Business Email Accounts ($300+ Value)

Yep. You get UNLIMITED business email accounts that you can use with the very nice integrated cloud email system, or you can configure them to work with Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, or any other email program. You can forward them to any other email address you desire. This is ridiculously awesome. For example if your domain is www.MyBusiness.com you can have email addresses like these:

  • andrew@mybusiness.com
  • info@mybusiness.com
  • support@mybusiness.com
  • sales@mybusiness.com
  • this.is.really.ridiculous@andrewdayonline.com (Yes, this is a real, functioning email address.)

You can make an email account just for your dog! You get unlimited business email accounts! you also get a very nice online calendar system as well.

Security Certificate and Encryption ($99 value)

To do any e-Commerce transactions on your site, to reach PCI compliance, and to make your visitors fell safe, you need a SSL Certificate. These usually sell for $99 a pop, and to cover all of your subdomains, you’re looking at over $400 for a Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate. But guess what? I can get you one for $1 included in this bundle. So you can securely process payments on your website with Stripe, Square, Braintree, PayPal, and many others. Having the green lock in the upper-left corner of the browser level also emanates professionalism.

Support On Demand

Overall really good reviews on support (which is a rare thing for web hosting companies by the way). They have been able to help me whenever I needed it. Just click on the little “Chat with us” box in the lower right corner. Just remember to have a little patience. It’s just a website. Nobody is going to die.

15 Day Money Back Guarantee

I don’t know why you would go through the trouble of getting your dollar back, BUT the option is there. You can cancel whenever. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Earn $10 per Referral. Make Some Cash!

If you refer these guys to somebody and they sign up, you get $10. Read that again.

How on earth can you pay out $10 to somebody, and only make $1? You’re losing $9 on the deal right?

They reason they can do this is because they are so good, the vast majority of their users are more than happy to stay with them for multiple years.

  1. Your first year costs you $1
  2. Your second year costs you $36.48
  3. Your third year costs you $36.48 etc.

They expect no return on investment in the first year, but these guys are planning to stick around for the long haul and their strategies are long term. Again, this is the best deal I’ve ever seen on web hosting packages.

Total Value: $472.80

AndrewDayOnline.com Special Discount – Get it all for $1