A sales book is a listing of every product and service offered and it’s associated pricing. When somebody asks “What do you sell and how much does it cost?” I refer them to the sales book.


Each one of these marketing services works most effectively as a part of an integrated marketing strategy that incorporates multiple services. For example, a blog SEO campaign pairs very nicely with an email newsletter campaign, and is further enhanced by a Facebook Ads campaign. Some of these strategies are much more effective when used together.


If you have something else in mind, great! We need to have a conversation to determine if it’s a viable strategy. I’m always open to new and innovative marketing techniques. If you are seeing a certain technique earning success, and you belive that you could employ that strategy, let’s do it.


Please note that the prices listed here may not represent the latest pricing. Additional services may be available and listed services may be unavailable depending on supply and demand. Make sure to check with Andrew for latest information.



I guarantee results within 30 days or your money back. My clients love working with me so much, they do not want to stop, however, there are times when working together is just not a good fit. Any good and ethical businessman knows that if he does not deliver on an expectation, the recipient party should not be charged for it.  It’s just good business practice.


In addition to the money for the service, please note that you are also responsible for the cost of advertising on various platforms.

Merchandise Product Development

Fully Automated Online Merchandise Store – $9000 (one time)

We will develop up to 20 products, and fully automate the order processing, fulfillment, and shipping, from start to finish. A totally hands-off eCommerce solution. A great addition to your existing website, and a great stream of extra revenue.



I build beautiful and high quality websites.

SEO Site – $1000 one time

This is a site built with the intention of getting ranked in search engines, and not much else.


One Page Promo Site – $750 one time

A cool and flashy one-pager to promote your event or product.


Small Business Site – $3000 one time

5 pages of pure glory. Great for getting ranked and giving your brand a professional presence.


Corporate Business Site – $6000 one time

Plenty of pages and pazazz. Ridiculously professional feel.

Social Media Website – $250,000 one time

Half up front, half when finished.

Social Media


Secure leads and industry connections by mainataining an active presence in key groups. Work your way into the top hangout spots for your niche.


Build a targeted Facebook group for your niche. This becomes a powerful tool over time. To do a facebook group right, you need daily engagement with content that resonates with your members. Build a community.


Building a successful facebook page takes a large amount of activity, content, and promotion.


Linkedin is a lead and networking machine. If done right, you can recieve many leads per month by engaging and posting on Linkedin.


Large instagram accounts are incredibly valuable. Instagram gives you the power to reach thousands and even millions of customers. Because of it’s visual nature, Instagram is easier to grow than other networks right now.



People don’t like to follow the unfollowed. We will build your Twitter account and gain you a following. Building a Twitter account takes a large amount of engagement and consistent content production.



Excellent value. You become a social media superstar. You are assigned a dedicated account manager who almost never leaves your side. This is how you become Gary Vaynerchuk or Tai Lopez – the kings of social media marketing. Stream live on multiple social media accounts simultaneously, get quality social video content, and watch in awe as you achieve celebrity status. Becoming a superstar takes a large time commitment, be prepared to dedicate 30 minutes per day to social superstardom.


PAID SOCIAL  – $2250

Get access to a massive and highly-targeted audience to promote your brand. Excellent way to get leads quickly.


Content Marketing


Reach more people by ranking for more search terms. Build a huge amount of credibility in your niche. You blog will automatically be distributed on select social media channels. One new blog post per week.



Draw attention to your company by posting content on other blogs like Huffington Post, Business Insider, and more. We write content that makes it all the way through to the top digital publishers. We shoot for one major publication per month. This is how you get “as seen on Business Insider” on your resume.



Hosting a webinar is a great way to educate people in your niche and make sales to them. Produce and host one webinar per month designed to convert.


Product Marketing

Utilizing products to get people to take action. Offer your customer a free eBook, a free course, a free report, or a free software tool in return for their email address, contact info, or cash.

E-Book Production – $1500

We will crank out one e-Book publication a month on a hyper-relative topic in your niche. We can then utilize this resource to establish your brand as an autority in your field, incentivize prospects to submit your contact info, or publish it on e-Book marketplaces like

Online Course Production – $3000

We will crank out one online course per month on a hyper-relative topic in your niche. We can then utilize this resource to establish your brand as an authority in your field, incentivize prospects to submit your contact info, or publish it on course marketplaces like



Logo Design – $750 one time fee

Get a logo that helps you achieve your goals. We are not here to “look cool” – we are here to get results.

Branding Initiative – $9000 one time fee

At the end of the branding process, you will recieve a corporate branding book and style guide. Your mission, vision, and company culture wil be clearly defined, and you will be able to move forward to establish a recognizeable market presence.


Rebranding Initiative – $12000 one time fee

At the end of the rebranding process, you will recieve a corporate branding book and style guide. Your mission, vision, and company culture wil be clearly defined, and you will be able to move forward to establish a recognizeable market presence. Rebranding takes more effort because a delicate transition needs to be made from existing branding materials.


Email Marketing

Circle of Profit (TM) Email Campaign – $3000

This is the most powerful email marketing strategy in the world right now. New emails daily. Daily engagement with your customers, maximum conversion potential.


Lazy Email Campaign – $1000

One email per week. Keep in contact without overwhelming customers with emails.



Digital Media

Business Headshot – $900 one time

Make your competitors’ jaws drop with a stunning professional headshot. If you look like a superstar, you will get paid like one.


Business Promo Video- $3500 one time

60 Seconds of absolute glory. You will look and sound like a superstar. A great video to put on your website, and social media sites.

Video Marketing – $3000

Extremely Effective. We crank out a pro video once a week to distribute on all of your marketing channels.

Documentary Production – $120,000

We will produce a full-length documentary on a subject in your niche.

Web Search

Get found when people use search engines.

Search Engine Optimization – $500

Rank highly for a target search term. Over time, this will bring you a lot of web traffic. Watch as your site climbs the ranks.


Paid Search – $750

Pay Google to show up for target search terms. Great short term solution while you are building your organic search.

Adaptive Search – $1500

Ongoing keyword research, adaptive adjustments, and advanced monitoring for keywords that are more difficult to rank for.

Link Building – $3000

We get lots of other places linking to your website to boost your ranking level.

Consulting & Guidance

Accountability Partnership – $200

I check in with you once a week with a short phone call and make sure you are lazer-beam focused on your goals. Stay consistent and motivated while I track your progress.

30 Minute Strategy Session Call – $50

Let me get you pointed in the right direction. Let’s figure out the most strategic approach to achieving your goals.

Unlimited Coaching and Mentoring – $5000

Put me on speed dial and watch how quickly you make it to the top.

15 Minute Consultation – FREE

If you really need my help, call me! Let’s figure out what your biggest pain point is and get some ideas on how to move forward.

Live Presentaitons

I give excellent presentations on almost any topic. Call me to coordinate logistics of travel and timing.

90 Minute Presentation – $3000

I can speak on Marketing, Success, Leadership, Psychology, Web Design and Development, Philosophy of Design, Psychology of Play, Computer Science, Martial Arts, Education, and many more interesting topics.

Focus Group Session – $4000

I teach a topic to a small focus group of 30 people or less – I include handouts and worksheets and work more closely with individuals.

Weekend Class – $5000

Great deal. I teach a weekend long class to your audience on marketing or other topics.

Webinar – $500

I host a 90 min webinar on your given topic.

Print Media

Business Card Design – $450

Get an unforgettable business card design that works with your brand strategy and goals. Get a run of 500 business cards for $150.

My Favorite Marketing Strategies

Trade secrets – I’m not going to tell you unless you give me a call. Let’s put together a custom marketing package for your business.