I use a really simple pen-and-paper system to stay on top of my daily tasks. If you don’t like to use apps or programs to manage your to-do list, you might really like this system. Physically writing out your daily tasks each morning helps you remember them and get your brain started on processing them. It also takes the clutter of things to do out of your brain and puts them down on paper in an orderly fashion.

I’ve had people comment on my organization and efficiency – this is something that really helps me. I bring a notebook and pen with me wherever I go. Whenever I get a new to-do item, I write it down.

Essentially, you take a college-ruled notebook (They are cheap, normally a dollar and some change), and dedicate one page to each day. You write the date at the very top, and write the time you start over to the right. The top right is dedicated to time-in, lunch, and time-out for each day.

The right-half of the page is your TO-DO list, The left half is for general notes. As you clear tasks, you draw a line through the task. By the end of the day, tasks that are not completed are carried over to the next day. You will also have a record of everything you were able to clear during the week.

Let me know what you think. Will you give it a try? What is a system that works for you?